How to Apply

We are actively accepting and closing deals with promising new startup companies.

Are you going to be next? We’re looking for you, but you must have:

• a great entrepreneurial team
• solid understanding of your market
• proved your concept
• a clear route to high revenue

And you’ll want to talk to us because we:

  • provide patient capital to high-tech startups

  • have extensive knowledge of entrepreneurial businesses, with great connections

  • are able to build and lead angel syndicates

  • will provide follow on capital, when appropriate

  • are Cambridge and London based.

If you have an investment opportunity that you think may interest us, please read our guidelines on how to apply. Then send us your proposition using the form on the Contact us page.

Investment guidelines

This has been produced to help you with preparing a business plan and streamline the process of applying for investment with Martlet (or other investors).

Martlet has been set up to provide funding of between £10K and £100K, primarily as a co-investment with other angels and/or seed funds. If further rounds are required, then Martlet may follow. Martlet provides patient capital, as we are not an investment fund and thus do not have any need to liquidate our assets after a fixed time.

Our main criterion is that our investees are anticipated to provide an equity capital increase of at least ten times over the first three to five years.

There is no restriction on your business sector, but it is likely that most investees will be developing some Intellectual Property, which may be protected.

We will very rarely invest outside the United Kingdom. Applications are welcome from everywhere in the UK, but we concentrate on ideas around Cambridge and the South East.


Assuming you are reading this because you are about to start or have already started applying for external investment, then you will probably have some form of business plan, which may just be a page or may run to 50+ pages.

As you can imagine, there is no standard business plan format.  There is plenty of information on the internet, but some items that do need addressing are:

  • Idea. What is the product or service?

  • Market. What’s the competition, what is your pricing model?

  • Marketing plan

  • Team. Now, on the point ofinvestment, and in the future

  • Use of investment

  • SWOT (or similar)

  • Growth plans

The financials:

  • Investment needed

  • Investment so far

  • Current shareholding

  • Current monthly burn rate

  • Use of investment (HR, overheads, product/hosting, IP costs etc).

  • Any further investment needed?

  • Cash flow in months for the first 12 months from investment and then quarterly for the following 1 or 2 years.

  • Current balance sheet position (cash, debtors, creditors, commitments).

  • Forecast Profit and Loss over 2 or 3 years.

And like any investment organisation, we receive many business plans every month, so please ensure that the core information is presented in a clear and succinct fashion when applying.

If we like your business idea, market and team, and we wish take things further, then we will ask for a complete business plan.

Completing the form

As we have a database of applications, we ask that you fill in the form on the Contact page rather than emailing us your plan.  The form is mostly self-explanatory.

Although not essential, we would appreciate a link to a video (which can be password protected, providing you let us view the video for at least a month after applying). 

This could be on YouTube (or any other site) and should be no longer than 3 minutes.  It may be a simple pitch or include product demos and team involvement. It will be viewed in a small window, so please don’t include complex PowerPoint slides or sets of numbers.

We have included a box for you to provide a (possibly password protected) link to a full business plan, if you want.

We do require you to complete the up to 6000 character (circa 1200 word) box with the summary, which we will always read. This again should be succinct and contain a brief overview of your idea, the market, how you will monetise it, your team and how you will spend the investment.  This could simply be your plan’s executive summary.

Thanks – we look forward to working with you.